Why I left my management job to set up my own care agency

Some might say ‘why leave a good, well paid job to set up your own business’. Well maybe this will help you understand why!

Managing a nursing care recruitment agency allows me to deliver good, quality care to clients whilst giving me the flexibility to look after my family. Yes, there are long hours and tight deadlines to meet, yes I need to make sure that all staff are fully trained to meet client requirements but I love what I do!

My day usually starts around 6am, I have a quick shower, breakfast and then set out to pick staff working that day and drop them off. The drive is a great opportunity to plan my day.

I am the registered Manager for Moonrise 24hr Recruitment, a specialist domiciliary and care provider. We run our services for care homes, hospitals, home care and rehabilitation support for people recovering from acute illness or surgery to palliative care.

Most mornings when we all get into the office, John, Anna, Charity and I will discuss our clients and any staff issues before we start our day. We hold a weekly meeting to discuss the business and review any action plans to be able to meet with Care Quality standards.

My lunch is never organised, it usually involves grabbing a sandwich at my desk while working on the day’s shifts, contacting clients and updating legislative documents.

Each day is never the same, there is so much variety, and responsibility and its a very rewarding industry to be in.

I try to leave work around 5.30pm, but today I stayed back to complete my daily tasks, Bedtime is when I am able to shut my eyes and switch off from work.

It’s an excellent job and I have no regrets about leaving my previous employment. My fabulous team are supporting me to build the business and provide quality care for our clients. That’s what we believe at Moonrise 24hr Recruitment.

Before starting my business, I was a manager in the private sector. I worked alongside other care agencies and witnessed some good and some bad practice. I took what I’ve learnt over the years, good and bad and decided to leave my job (without having anything lined up might I add), took some time to consider my options and then made the career change and set up Moonrise 24hr Recruitment.

And the name, Moonrise 24hr Recruitment was all down to my nine-year-old son.

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