New Legislation For Care Home Residents

As we know, the pandemic caused major issues for all of us and saw major changes to how we interact as a society with lockdowns, face masks and social distancing. The most vulnerable in our society were amongst those to whom the pandemic caused the most disruption, with those in care homes and hospitals unable to have visitors.

In response to the visiting policies imposed on care home residents family members of those affected launched Right for Residents in September 2020 in order to mobilise others to campaign for those loved ones whose voices could not be heard.

The campaign so far has been hugely successful resulting in the government being forced to limit all restrictions on visiting other than for outbreak management.

Following the death of her mother, West End actress Ruthie Henshall, joined the campaign which is now for new legislation, named Gloria’s Law after Ruthie’s mother, which would guarantee unrestricted in-person care by appointing at least one essential care supporter. This could be a family member or a friend, who would be assigned as a part of the legal requirement in all health and care settings.

Concerns have been raised by some that the new legislation will make the control of transmission of any virus very difficult, however the National Care Forum have sated they believe that infection control can be managed alongside maintaining personal contact with loved ones.

After listening to campaigners the Minister for Care, Helen Whately has said she is determined on changing the law on visiting after listening to campaigners.

For more information, visit: Home – Rights for Residents

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