Raise a glass to carers, it’s Carers Week

Seeing a friend or family member struggle with a disability, illness or who are older, can inspire many people to step up and care for them.

The COVID pandemic, which was officially confirmed to have now ended by the World Health Organisation earlier this month, had a massive effect on caring in the UK and around the world. It increased the amount of care that was needed by individuals with more people taking on caring responsibilities for friends or relatives who are disabled, ill or older and need support, from dropping off shopping during the lockdown or providing a person with a social outlet so they were not feeling alone.

Most people feel that caring for another person is one of the most important things that they can do, however the challenges involved should not be underestimated with the impact of caring having an effect on all aspects of life including relationships and health to finances and work commitments.

It is important for those who care for others to look after themselves as well and take care of their health and well-being. Many find it hard to meet their own needs and can struggle to eat and sleep well, find time to exercise and manage their mental health. It is common to feel lonely as well as others may not understand how tough it can be to be a carer and take care of yourself.

There is help that is available to those who are caring for others including through Local Councils who can assist carers in finding out about support groups and services in their area and can advise carers of their rights.

This week marks the annual Carers Week campaign which seeks to raise awareness of caring and highlight the challenges that unpaid carers face and recognize the contribution that they make to families and communities across the UK. They are also help other people, who may not think they are carers, to identify as a carer as well as spreading information on how to access support.

Moonrise 24hr wholly support carers week and the recognition that it brings for unpaid carers. We also understand that unpaid carers can also need support, whether it be a few hours a day, several nights a week or full twenty four hour coverage as respite for the carer.

We offer a full range of care services here at Moonrise24 Hour, take a look at our full service offering here: https://www.moonrise24hr.co.uk/services/

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